A comprehensive introduction to the basics of breastfeeding for parents to be!

Feel confident and prepared as you learn everything you'll need to enter your breastfeeding/chestfeeding journey!

This breastfeeding class is designed to introduce parents-to-be into the world of breast/chest feeding. In addition to feeding basics, what to expect, and how to set yourself up for your breast/chest feeding journey, we will also talk about how to best include the non feeding partner in this aspect of postpartum life. In this approach to learning about how to feed your baby with human milk, there will be very little lecture and lots of discussions about real life as it pertains to feeding your baby.


Breastfeeding Class Topics & Practice Include:

  • Basic Anatomy of the Breast & Breast Changes
  • Milk Changes as Baby Grows
  • How to Include the Non-Feeding Partner
  • Importance of Skin to Skin
  • Positioning and Latch
  • How to Tell if Baby is Getting Enough Milk
  • Signs of Hunger and Normal Feeding Intervals of Newborns


Lindsey is a DONA trained Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, and an ICEA trained Childbirth Educator. Her path to supporting new families started in her early teenage years. First babysitting; Then teaching dance, mommy and me, and gymnastics; and now as a brthworker and educator. She is a born and raised Los Angeleno and a mama, herself.

After the birth of her own daughter in 2012, she discovered how much of that village we really do need and started to feel a pull to support families in a deeper, more impactful way. She has a great passion for educating and empowering new parents to trust their intuition and birth and parent the way that they feel called to do so. When not diving into birthwork, Lindsey enjoys taking dance classes, cooking, belting out showtunes with her daughter, and spending time with family and friends.

Start your transition into parenthood feeling confident, empowered and in control of your birth and pregnancy.


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