Bini Birth is a space dedicated to providing education and support for expecting parents, new families, and birth professionals.

Founded by Ana Paula Markel, Bini Birth is built around the principle that:

Birthing and parenting are Intimate, Normal, and highly Individualized processes that, when coupled with education of evidence-based options and support, can be incredibly positive and life-changing experiences.

How we began:

Bini Birth began 15 years ago as a labor of love by Ana Paula, after her personal and unique birthing experiences. Ana Paula had two cesareans followed by two vaginal births (2VBACs), one medicated and one unmedicated. Having this vast array of experiences, she came to believe that there truly is no right or wrong way to birth. However, what truly matters is that the individual’s voice is heard, and that they feel empowered and involved in the choices being made for them and their baby.

Ana Paula began teaching childbirth classes right out of her living room, and as these small gatherings began to flourish, Bini grew into the community it is today.


Through workshops, gatherings and related classes, Bini Birth explores the numerous ways that women and families approach giving birth and parenting. By focusing on options versus a particular "method" for childbirth or parenting, Ana Paula and Bini Birth have attracted significant attention- from expecting families and members of the birth community to various media outlets and a high profile clientele.

Bini welcomes families of various backgrounds and believes education and support should be available to all.