Find the right Los Angeles doula for your upcoming birth or postpartum!

Are you looking for a little extra support and guidance through your pregnancy and early parenting journey? We have the best team of doulas in Los Angeles and would love to help you. Our unique doula registry will help you find the perfect doula for your birth or postpartum needs.


How we select the doulas in our registry:

Los Angeles doulas in our registry are handpicked specifically for you in order to meet your individual needs and concerns, making sure you feel prepared and at ease throughout your pregnancy, birth and early days of parenting.

Doulas today are recognized and valued members of the birth and postpartum team assisting a family during childbirth and after the baby is born.

Each Los Angeles doula in the Bini Birth directory is well respected among doctors, midwives, nurses, and other professionals in the local birth community.

DID YOU KNOW: Research shows that birth doulas decrease unnecessary medical interventions and increase birth satisfaction.

We only refer doulas who are trained by us, or doulas we know personally and trust.


What a Bini Birth Doula offers:

•An interview free of charge and/or commitment

•Prenatal visits at your home to discuss birth preferences, desires, and to minimize fear and anxiety

•Continuous labor support once labor begins until after the baby is born

•A postpartum visit to discuss the birth, breastfeeding, and adjusting to life with a newborn

When you hire a Bini doula, you can be guaranteed:

•Complete privacy and confidentiality

•Adjustment to YOUR family's needs and desires - No personal agenda or judgement - Compassionate care

•Ethical doulas certified by DONA International and/or following DONA's scope of practice

•Personalized consultation to ensure a successful match


What a Bini Postpartum Doula offers:

Overnight or Daytime Care:

•An interview free of charge and/or commitment

•Prenatal visits at your home to discuss newborn care preferences and options, and infant feeding

•Nursery list and information on baby basics (including everything that you don't need!)

•Care for the mother and baby (and partner) after the birth with the following responsibilities :

- Education and empowerment of parents

- Focus on bonding and attachment

- Reading and understanding baby's cues

- Infant care (including umbilical cord care)

- Infant baths (sponge bath and tub)

- Infant feeding

- Infant sleep patterns

- Baby’s laundry

- Organization and upkeep of nursery

How do I hire a Los Angeles doula through BINI?

We will match you with doulas who live and work in your area, who fit your needs, and who are within your budget. Please complete the doula request intake form below to get started! Our doula referral service is complimentary if you’ve taken a childbirth class at Bini. However, we are happy to help connect all families in need of a doula for our $50 referral fee.