Bini Birth is proud to host inspirational and informative workshops by skilled facilitators from our local community and around the world.

Naoli VInaver Rebozo Workshop Bini Birth

Rebozos for birth & postpartum with Naoli Vinaver

A Full Day with Naoli Vinaver

September 14th at BINI BIRTH from 9am to 5pm

COST: $160 General Admission

The rebozo is an embracing cloth piece technique, widely used in Mexico by midwives to readjust the fetal position in utero, help with discomforts of labor, pressing and massaging the bones, tissues and muscles of the body, as well as several other techniques and applications which we will cover and practice in this intensive one-day hands-on workshop. Everyone welcome!

green home toxin free workshop LA

Creating a Toxin Free Home

September 28th at BINI BIRTH from 12:30-2:30 PM

A fundamental class for expecting & new parents, as well as anyone who wants to live a healthier, toxin-free life!

Babies are typically born with over 200 toxins in their system before they are even out in the world. Reducing toxins and creating a healthy indoor environment is extremely important for your baby’s health. A common frustration among parents is that it can be overwhelming and confusing. Several products marketed for babies contain harmful chemicals. Our new workshop presented by Eco Friendly Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, Kelly Bonanno, will alleviate the overwhelm and help you create a healthy home for your baby.

  • Welcome Baby To A Healthy, Non Toxic Home
  • The truth about the toxic issue and why it's important to detoxify your indoor environment
  • How to eliminate and avoid toxins commonly found in household and everyday products
  • Effective eco-friendly household habits and methods to easily implement
  • Tips on detoxing personal care and household routines
  • Recommendations on transitioning to clean, effective products for baby and the home
  • How to avoid being greenwasher