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Importance of skin to skin for newborn baby

Importance of Skin-to-Skin Care After Delivery

What is Skin-to-Skin Care? Skin-to-skin care means placing dried, unclothed newborns on their mother’s bare chest, with warmed light blankets or towels covering the baby’s back. This can occur immediately after vaginal birth prior to cord clamping with the newborn placed on the mother’s abdomen, dried, and with a blanket placed over the baby. The…

Benefits of prenatal yoga

Benefits of Prenatal yoga

by rebecca benenati In yoga, we take time out to connect to our body, mind and breath so that we can tap into the vastness of our lives and have a chance to feel and reflect. In Prenatal Yoga you get to make the most of our 9 months by pausing to reflect and feel…

hospital birth tips - how to feel at home

Feeling at Home at a Hospital Birth

By Carson Meyer, DONA Certified Birth Doula In the 1920’s, childbirth in the United States moved from the home to the hospital. By the 1960’s more than 95% of women were giving birth in hospitals where they were treated as high-risk patients. Unnecessary Caesareans, profuse intervention and sedation were all commonplace, often causing more harm…

transitioning to new parenthood

8 Steps to a Joyful Transition into Parenthood

By Ana Paula Markel, Founder of Bini Birth It can be confusing to discern through the many advices (solicited or not) you receive when expecting a baby. In my years as an educator and doula, I have seen people thrive and struggle and I have come to the conclusion that becoming a parent involves deep…

Missing the Milestones Baby

Missing the Milestone

Today my 6 month old son sat in a swing for the first time. And he loved it. Or so I heard. I wasn’t there. I was home working. It’s at these moments when I feel such an overwhelming anger at our babysitter, that, mind you, I can never actually express to her (because I’m…

transition to solid food for babies

From Breast to Plate

Over the next few months, I want to share with you some insights and ideas about how to transition our babies from breast or formula feeding to purees and finger food. Each baby is ready to start their journey at different times. In my case, my daughter wasn’t exhibiting cues that she was ready for…